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Sewer drain cleaning, leaks and drain problems are among the most unpleasant problems your home or commercial property can develop. In addition to water damage and plumbing troubles, you also have the odor to contend with. If you have a sewer leak, you want it fixed quickly, with a minimal amount of invasion to prevent the leak and the stench from worsening.

Natural forces such as tree roots or just a large amount of debris washed into the pipe over time can clog the main sewer line and affect every drain in your house. Roots in pipe Sewer line leaks, whether in residential or commercial buildings are messy and inconvenient. When the sewer line breaks in your home or business it is important be able to fix it quickly and competently. Roots in pipe, many times damage in sewer lines aren’t caused by the misuse of the sewer lines; but often the result of something as simple and unpreventable as a tree root growing through the pipe.

Sewer leak symptoms to watch for:

  • Foul odor. This is the most common sign of sewer leaks. You may find the odor coming from one or more of your drains. If you have blocked drains, standing water can mask the problem by preventing sewer odor from infiltrating the building, but you’ll detect it once the water evaporates. You may also notice the smell of a sewer leak if you have a damaged or improperly joined vent pipe, which can force the odors into the building.
  • Backed-up sewer lines. If your toilets have slowed or are flushing weakly, or if water is backing up in your shower or bathtub drains, these are often symptoms of a blocked sewer line. Blocks in your sewer line are typically caused by debris or grease buildup, crushed pipes, or root intrusion.
  • Overgrown grass. If you notice a patch of grass in your yard that is discolored and grows faster than the rest of your grass, this can indicate a faulty or leaking sewer line. The soil around a sewer leak will absorb additional moisture and nutrients, which causes discoloration and rapid growth of the grass.

Regardless if it is roots or broken pipes, our licensed Lewisville plumbers can help you repair or replace your sewer line, as well as sewer drain cleaning. Give us a call today at (972) 221-7595 for your Lewsiville sewer line repair nee

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