Preventing Kitchen Drain Clogs

Plumbing Tips: Preventing Kitchen Drain Clogs

Most homeowners have experienced a clogged drain that always seems to occur just before a big dinner party or when a family has come to visit. This is very common but also frustrating – and avoidable. The reason kitchen sinks clog up the most is because of grease that builds up like Cholesterol, so do not pour grease in the sink. Pour your grease into an empty can and stick it in the refrigerator until it hardens and then throw it away.

Pay attention to what you put down your drains!

Also, do not put carrot peelings and potato peelings in the disposal. This is a recipe for a future clogged drain! If your sewer drain lines are old they may have spots or breaks that collect debris and these peelings will gather at these spots and before you know it your dinner party is inconvenienced because the kitchen sink is all backed up.

Don’t wash coffee grounds down the sink either. Throw them away like you should with the peelings.

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