Plumbing Articles: Water Saving Tips

Plumbing Tips: Water Saving Tips

What happens when a family of four replaces their kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators? Studies show that the family would save more than 1,700 gallons of water per year by installing low-flow faucet aerators. Of these savings, 1,300 gallons would be from reductions in hot water use.

Are you wasting water with a sneaky leaky toilet?

Your toilet could be costing you by wasting water and you could be none the wiser. Homeowners look for visible symptoms of problems. Unless you see a puddle of water it’s highly unlikely that you would suspect your toilet of treachery. What if you came home one day to an eye-popping water bill? Don’t wait until then to start looking for culprits. Keep in mind that your toilets can unsuspectingly be at the top of the list of reasons for the high bill.

Install low-flow faucet aerators on kitchen and bathroom sinks.

If you have an annual plumbing inspection from Lewisville Plumbing Service, one of the services we offer is a dye test in each toilet to see if you are wasting water without your knowledge. You don’t have to see water on the floor around the base of the toilet to have a leak.

Lewisville Plumbing Service will remove the covers on your toilet tanks and take out any bowl cleaning tablets that color your water. We will make sure the water in the tank and the bowl is clear, and then we will put some colored dye in the tank which will turn the water a noticeable hue. No one can use the toilets during this dye test. After up to 30 minutes if we find some of the colors in the bowl, then you have the dreaded silent leak and it will have to be determined why it is leaking. If no colored water shows up in the time period, you are good to go, no pun intended! If your toilets are functioning properly, the tank water will stay put for an indefinite period of time without leaking out.

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